Moving Distances Via Teleportation

Do you know what technology would change the world right now? With this technology, it would bring a huge change that it will forever affect our lives. A technology that is so big that every society will go turn 180 degrees because of it. The change I am talking about is teleportation or teleportation device. And this technology is what we need right now.

With teleportation or teleportation devices, traveling and transportation would be done in a short amount of time. The need for modern vehicles would be reduced. Because of this, we would spend lesser time under traffic and suffer less stress because of the delays it would bring. The instantaneous travel will lessen the time we need to reach our destinations and make it more convenient for us travel. And since the need for modern vehicles will be reduced, congestion problems, pollution and oil dependency will be reduced.

Another good thing about having teleportation is that it will bridge the distance between two points regardless of the altitude or location. Thus, it will be easier for us to travel from one city to another or to one country to another. It is even possible for us to reach hard to reach places easily. We can travel instantaneously to the peak of Mt. Everest. Or we can immediately dive to the deepest part of the ocean and see the wonders or horrors underneath it. Or we can even reach the moon or other planets in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Yet, another positive thing about teleportation is the fact that transportation and deliveries can be made within just seconds. As long as we know the address or destination, we can just put any package or item inside the teleportation device and send it directly. No need four couriers. If there are no couriers, the possibility of losing or getting your package damaged will be reduced. It would also be helpful when we move. All those heavy furniture and boxes would be sent directly to your new home.

Indeed, this technology will be beneficial to us. However, it will affect a lot of industries from oil companies and car manufacturers to delivery services and movers. Of course, there are also possible dangers when it comes to teleportation. There’s always the possibility that something might screw up and would lead to horrible accidents. Remember DOOM… the film… the guy with wheels for his lower body? It was a horrible teleportation accident and his lower body was displaced. It is also possible that we could get trapped in another dimension or alternate reality or possible create a rip in the time and space continuum.

But even with the possible dangers, the possible benefits outweigh them. This is why it is so sad that the governments in the world are not funding this wonderful technology. Instead of focusing their money on technologies that would greatly help humanity… they invest it on stupid things like bullets, bombs, guns, tanks and many other weapons of war.

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