Opinions Can Hurt

It’s my business I do what I want to… your opinion doesn’t matter to me!

Somehow, this line or any other line that is almost similar in context to it is something a few arrogant businessmen would say. For them, no one has the right to voice their own opinion. They run their business the way they want it and if you don’t like it, then you should bring your business elsewhere. They won’t care if they would lose customers as long as they do or get what they want, regardless of what consequence it might bring.

To be honest, this is a wrong, definitely WRONG thing to do. When running a business, the opinion of other people are very important. How would you know if you are doing the right thing? How would you know if you are providing a good product or service to your customers? How would you know if you are satisfying your customers? How would you know how to further improve your business? In other words, you won’t know whether you are doing right or wrong if you don’t hear out the opinion of other people, especially those who are your customers.

Opinions matter, especially those coming from the customers. They matter because customer opinion holds a lot of power over businesses… well, technically most of the time, especially to small and medium enterprises but for large conglomerates, they can choose to ignore one customer’s opinion because it wouldn’t hurt them at all. For small and medium enterprises, having poor opinion from customers would be a devastating blow to them.

How devastating it would be?

It would be between the lines of losing credibility to losing the entire business. That’s how devastating having poor opinion from customers is! Let’s put it this way, would you choose a business with bad online business review or go for someone better? Obviously you would do the latter. And if many people do the same thing, the business is bound to go under if they don’t change.

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