Family. Why So Selfish?

As of the moment, I feel irritated.

I feel irritated because even though I am at home, things aren’t going the way I want it to be.

I am irritated because even though I want to relax and de-stress myself, everyone else at home annoys the hell out of me.

Everyone at home is just f*cking selfish!

I really wanted to watch T.V. but others at home wouldn’t give me the oportunity to watch the shows I wanted to watch. It’s very irritating because I thought I could finally get all the relaxation and de-stressing I badly needed.

They would rather watch drama or any other show that I really, really don’t like. They couldn’t even share me the T.V. remote… even for just an hour. I have no intention to gulp down the remote. As if my physiology would allow me that!

Because I couldn’t watch T.V., I went to my bedroom to take a nap. Perhaps, that could relieve the fatigue and tiredness I got from work. However, I couldn’t even get 5 minutes worth of nap.


It is because of their selfishness again!

Why can’t they just turn down the T.V. volume down? They aren’t deaf!

I asked them to tone it down and do you know what they replied – especially my mother? Just go to sleep! Don’t bother us!

Oh so now I am the one who is bothersome! Wow! They have the gall to call me bothersome!

Why can’t they just go to HELL!

I mean it!

They have done this to me countless of times already!

What am I at home?

Someone who just gives them money?

Can’t they give me some credit or something? Give me the remote or let me sleep damnit!

I was so irritated with my family that I went out, checked in at a local internet shop and wrote all of my grievances.

I could have done this at home but there’s no way I could.

I am f*cking pissed off at everyone’s smug look!

I dare not confront them because it is actually useless.



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