Horrible Buffet Night

Last night, the entire office went to a buffet restaurant to unwind after the meeting we had. It was a treat from our boss so we couldn’t resist the offer much more to the fact that it was a buffet and we can eat as much as we want.

Our boss took us to the same buffet restaurant we went to last, last year. It was a simple Christmas celebration with other employees. During that time, we had mixed remarks about the restaurant. The food was good, except for the fish which was too salty. The biggest disappointment was the service. They were supposed to have unlimited drinks, but we never had refills for our drinks. Because of the experience, I wasn’t too excited about the buffet.

Surprisingly, the experience last night turned 360 degrees. The quality of the dishes changed a lot. Last time, there were plenty of delicious dishes but now, they had limited choices and most of their dishes were either too greasy or full of fat. They had BBQ chicken but it was bland and bloody. The egg soup was flavorless. The egg salad had hard uncooked green peas. The only good dish I had was the fish, which was a lot different from what I remember.

The customer service was also a huge turn around. They once had horrible customer service but now they don’t. We always get refills even though our glass was still half full. Loved it. But not their food.


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