Is there good music and bad music?

good musicIs there such thing as a good music and bad music? Is the music you like better than others like? Or their choice if music better than yours?

There is no such thing as good or bad music! It is various likes and dislikes. Do not forget that no two thoughts are exactly similar. For a thing to be considered bad, there should be a general consensus about it but when it comes to music, there’s no way everyone would agree that one music is bad and the other is good.

Good and bad music is purely subjective. Opinions would only differ because of the individual preferences of people. Opinion may be shared among a group of people and they may be able to come up with a conclusion which music is good or bad for them but it is only in comparison. Individually, each music can’t be good or bad by itself.

If someone forces an argument regarding good and music then he should support his argument with enough material, which is actually impossible to do. Furthermore, such argument is a foolish thing. Usually, arguments exist because of differences in opinions but opinions in favorite music is a foolish topic for an argument. It is like fighting over which is better to be vegetarian or to eat meat.bad music

You may not like a certain music genre but that doesn’t mean it is bad music. You wouldn’t like it if some people criticize you just because of your music preference, thus you shouldn’t criticize others just because of their preference in music. Taste in music always depend on the person and it is different from one another. Thus, I believe there is no such thing as bad or good music. Opinions differ. To each their own in short.


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