Family. Why So Selfish?

As of the moment, I feel irritated.

I feel irritated because even though I am at home, things aren’t going the way I want it to be.

I am irritated because even though I want to relax and de-stress myself, everyone else at home annoys the hell out of me.

Everyone at home is just f*cking selfish!

I really wanted to watch T.V. but others at home wouldn’t give me the oportunity to watch the shows I wanted to watch. It’s very irritating because I thought I could finally get all the relaxation and de-stressing I badly needed.

They would rather watch drama or any other show that I really, really don’t like. They couldn’t even share me the T.V. remote… even for just an hour. I have no intention to gulp down the remote. As if my physiology would allow me that!

Because I couldn’t watch T.V., I went to my bedroom to take a nap. Perhaps, that could relieve the fatigue and tiredness I got from work. However, I couldn’t even get 5 minutes worth of nap.


It is because of their selfishness again!

Why can’t they just turn down the T.V. volume down? They aren’t deaf!

I asked them to tone it down and do you know what they replied – especially my mother? Just go to sleep! Don’t bother us!

Oh so now I am the one who is bothersome! Wow! They have the gall to call me bothersome!

Why can’t they just go to HELL!

I mean it!

They have done this to me countless of times already!

What am I at home?

Someone who just gives them money?

Can’t they give me some credit or something? Give me the remote or let me sleep damnit!

I was so irritated with my family that I went out, checked in at a local internet shop and wrote all of my grievances.

I could have done this at home but there’s no way I could.

I am f*cking pissed off at everyone’s smug look!

I dare not confront them because it is actually useless.



Mishaps in Moving

Stallion Moving Denver

Do you know that when it comes to moving, there are many mishaps that could happen?

If you have moved before, most likely you might have encountered them one or two of them. But then again, if your move has been perfect, then you might have missed these mishaps.

So what are those mishaps them? Well, let me enlighten you.

The first possible mishap you might face when moving is losing your belongings. Well, this could be your fault or the fault of your moving company. You might have left it at your previous home or have failed to mark it properly, which made it get lost in transit. Or sometimes, your moving company has failed to provide a good service, which made you lose your item. They might have misplaced it or delivered it to someone else. This really happens, especially when it comes to unreliable moving companies.

Another mishap that could happen is when your pets cause trouble to your move. A lot of people have pets and sometimes these pets get in the way of the move, especially dogs. Dogs are territorial animals and they don’t like strangers inside your house. Because they don’t like strangers intruding in their territory they might cause mishaps like accidents or prevent movers to work as efficient as they could. This is why you have to put a leash on your pet or put them inside their carriers.

Of course, accidents and injuries are possible mishaps when you move. Accidents may come in different form like a simple slip to falls. Injuries could also vary from small cuts to serious or life-threatening injuries. These kinds of mishaps are dangerous, not only to you or your mover but also to other people around you. I remember a scene in one of the Final Destination movies wherein a guy lost his life because a piano fell on top of him. That was gruesome!

The worst possible mishap when you move (aside from death or injuries) is experiencing problems during transit. Problems during transit vary from traffic to unexpected road problems. Transit can also be affected by weather problems. This particular mishap would be detrimental to your moving schedule, more specifically if you are moving for long distances.

How can you prevent these mishaps?

Well, it is easy.

Just be prepared. And get Stallion Moving.

Horrible Buffet Night

Last night, the entire office went to a buffet restaurant to unwind after the meeting we had. It was a treat from our boss so we couldn’t resist the offer much more to the fact that it was a buffet and we can eat as much as we want.

Our boss took us to the same buffet restaurant we went to last, last year. It was a simple Christmas celebration with other employees. During that time, we had mixed remarks about the restaurant. The food was good, except for the fish which was too salty. The biggest disappointment was the service. They were supposed to have unlimited drinks, but we never had refills for our drinks. Because of the experience, I wasn’t too excited about the buffet.

Surprisingly, the experience last night turned 360 degrees. The quality of the dishes changed a lot. Last time, there were plenty of delicious dishes but now, they had limited choices and most of their dishes were either too greasy or full of fat. They had BBQ chicken but it was bland and bloody. The egg soup was flavorless. The egg salad had hard uncooked green peas. The only good dish I had was the fish, which was a lot different from what I remember.

The customer service was also a huge turn around. They once had horrible customer service but now they don’t. We always get refills even though our glass was still half full. Loved it. But not their food.


Tricks in Unpacking

If you think the difficulty in moving ends once you reach your new home, then you are wrong. THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT THE END! It is just a beginning of something new – unpacking. And you Denver local moving companies can never help yo The trick when it comes to unpacking is to be focused. I know it is hard to be focused when you see a lot of boxes waiting to be unpacked; however, you have to start somewhere. The best approach to keep focused is to have a system like for instance you have to unpack the boxes that contain all your clothes or start with the smallest and lightest box to the largest and heaviest box. And so that you won’t lose focus, try to have a 30 minute break for every 2 hours of non-stop work.

Unpacking is boring. So in order for you to prevent boredom, why not turn up the radio or any music player to liven up your mood. This way, you can have fun while doing a tedious task. You can also make it fun by making it as an event with your friends and family. You can even make it as a party. You know the kind of party with music, good food, beverages and games. Just remember to unpack your boxes first before you concentrate on partying.

You should also decide your own unpacking speed and deadline. However, that doesn’t mean you have to procrastinate. The lack of urgency might make things a bit troublesome for you later on. You might find yourself in a pit full of responsibilities and when that time comes, you would blame yourself for not unpacking early on.

Good Reputation Matters

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For businesses it is important to have a good reputation. It sounds easy but it isn’t. No matter how hard you try to please your customers – giving them the best service or product, showing them your best attitude and smile and giving them everything that they want – there are times wherein your best is not enough for your clients.

It is really hard to please other people, especially those customers who are very hard to please – customers who are cranky and customers who are really close minded. When they don’t get what they want, businesses would be lucky if they leave disgruntled and complaining. However, this doesn’t happen all the time. These customers would often go to Yelp, Google+, Facebook or other social media and review sites to leave a negative review or comment. This negative review would forever damage the reputation of the business.

A damaged reputation, especially over the internet, is hard to repair. Seriously, just leave a review on a business’ page and it would be difficult to remove it not unless the review site decided to remove it. If this negative review directed to the business is seen by other people, they might end up reconsidering the idea of doing business with them. If this continues, the business might lose more customers.

Fortunately, review management services can help when it comes to this thing. Online reputation management services can help in maintaining and safeguarding the reputation of the business. It is also possible to repair and restore damaged reputation. With such service it would be possible for any business to gradually improve their reputation until it would become even better than before.

Once the business achieves a good reputation, the number of customers would grow, which will lead to an increase in sales that would benefit the business.

Online Hotel Bookings Makes People Want To Travel

If we compare the number of tourists and travellers today and in the past, we can see the huge difference in numbers. Now, there are a lot of people who travel and the number of tourists going in and out of the country has greatly increased. And there are many reasons why tourism has grown greatly and one of this is the fact that it has become easier to book for hotel accommodations.

So how would this affect the increase of travellers? Let us put it in perspective. Would you feel comfortable travelling if you don’t have a place to stay? Of course not! However, if you know that you would be able to have a place to stay when you travel, then you would be comfortable to travel. Therefore, if it is easier to book hotels, then it is easier to travel.

Now, why is it easier to book for hotel accommodations? It is easy because of the internet! Before the Internet came to be, booking hotel reservations was very difficult. You have to visit a travel agency. And even if you manage to find a travel agency, the available hotels and accommodations they have might be limited to the hotels and luxury vacation rentals that they are in contact with. There would be a possibility that the hotel accommodations they offer may not be the one that you needed or wanted.

However, with the internet, there are plenty of websites that offer online hotel booking. This makes it a lot more convenient than conventional means. Furthermore, there are lots of selection and listings online so you can find the right hotel accommodations for you. Most of all, you can save more money since online booking does not involve the commission for the travel agent.

With the benefits of online booking, it is no wonder why many people prefer it. And it is because of this why a lot of people are more interested in traveling.

Touring Penguins

karoshi-4A motorist pulls up to the gas pumps and says, “Fill it up, please”. The Attendant notices that the front and back seats of the car are occupied by penguins. “Hey Buddy,” says the attendant to the driver, “These birds can’t be happy like this… they’re wild animals, you should take them to a zoo or something..” The motorist agrees to do so.

The next day the guy drives into the filling station and once again the attendant sees the penguins sitting in the front and back seats, and they are all wearing sunglasses and holding towels… “What’s this?” he says to the driver, “I thought you agreed to take these birds to the zoo?”

The driver says, “I did… and they had such a great time that today I’m taking them to the beach.”

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Choosing The Right Neighborhood To Move Into

It is no longer easy to tell whether a neighborhood is bad or not. In the past, you just have to make a quick drive across the neighborhood to see if there are many properties being abandoned or ask the local authorities for the neighborhood’s current situation. If properties are well kept and local authorities give a “thumbs up” approval when it comes to security, status and value then the neighborhood is a keeper.

How would you know if the neighborhood is something you would find favorable? Here are some tips that would help in finding the perfect neighborhood for you. Know what kind of neighborhood you want. Give a concrete definition of the neighborhood you want to live in. Do you want a neighborhood near by the sea? Do you want one that is serene and peaceful? Do you want to live in a family oriented neighborhood, college town, suburbs, city center or rural neighborhood?

Check out the public services available in the neighborhood. When neighborhood is financially down, towns and cities usually cut back on certain public services offered such as police, parks and libraries. Drive through the neighborhood and look for clues regarding the city or town’s financial condition. Do you see police officials patrolling the street? Are the streets and parks clean? Is the library cutting down its open hours?

If you have kids or are planning to have one, you have to check the local schools. It is important to know the quality of education the local schools provide. Do a research about the local schools or speak with the parents for they can tell how well or bad the schools are. Of course, talk to potential neighbors. If you are checking out the neighborhood, it is important to talk to those who are living in it. Who knows better than those who are currently living there?

When it comes to moving to a new house, it is very easy to change the things you don’t like. However, when it comes to the neighborhood, there’s no way you can change something so easily. Thus, it is really important to do early legwork and research to know whether you are choosing the right neighborhood or not. It would be even better if you have real estate Anglesea

Music According To Plato

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.


Plato is a charming person! He had this wonderful description to what music is. Though I don’t understand what he is trying to say about music being a moral law, I kind of understand with the other things that he said.

Music gives soul to the universe. I don’t think he is literally talking about the actual universe. I think he is talking about the things around us. With music, we see things differently. It gives interpretation to various things and helps use them in a different light.

Music gives wings to the mind. With music, we begin to think. We think of the message they bring. We think of what the musician is trying to say. Music gives flight to imagination because with good music we end up imagining the things we hear in music. We hear an upbeat music – we imagine festivals and happiness. We hear a sad song – we imagine sadness, loneliness and heartaches. If we hear romantic songs, we imagine love and romance.

Music gives charm and gaiety to life and to everything. This is very true because of music, things become livelier and full of life.

Is there good music and bad music?

good musicIs there such thing as a good music and bad music? Is the music you like better than others like? Or their choice if music better than yours?

There is no such thing as good or bad music! It is various likes and dislikes. Do not forget that no two thoughts are exactly similar. For a thing to be considered bad, there should be a general consensus about it but when it comes to music, there’s no way everyone would agree that one music is bad and the other is good.

Good and bad music is purely subjective. Opinions would only differ because of the individual preferences of people. Opinion may be shared among a group of people and they may be able to come up with a conclusion which music is good or bad for them but it is only in comparison. Individually, each music can’t be good or bad by itself.

If someone forces an argument regarding good and music then he should support his argument with enough material, which is actually impossible to do. Furthermore, such argument is a foolish thing. Usually, arguments exist because of differences in opinions but opinions in favorite music is a foolish topic for an argument. It is like fighting over which is better to be vegetarian or to eat meat.bad music

You may not like a certain music genre but that doesn’t mean it is bad music. You wouldn’t like it if some people criticize you just because of your music preference, thus you shouldn’t criticize others just because of their preference in music. Taste in music always depend on the person and it is different from one another. Thus, I believe there is no such thing as bad or good music. Opinions differ. To each their own in short.